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29 Feb 2024

Indoor Bingo

The 9 best activities for rainy days with your little ones

At Koko Noko adventures, we love outdoor adventures, but unfortunately, due to the weather, that's not always an option. Rainy days can sometimes be a bummer, but don't worry, there are plenty of adventures to be had indoors, too. We have the perfect solution for some indoor fun: Indoor Bingo. No more boring, dreary days with this interactive bingo full of cool activities to experience with your little one(s). Let's take a look at what's on the menu.

Download | Koko Noko Indoor Bingo card

  1. Claying

    Time to get messy with clay. Give your kids some clay and let their creativity run wild. From funny monsters to colorful flowers, there is no limit to what they can make.


  2. Build a hut

    Get out boxes and start building together. Add blankets and pillows for extra comfort and watch their fantasies come to life in their own cool cabin.


  3. Movie Watching

    Dive under a blanket and enjoy a movie adventure together with your little ones. Pick a fun movie, make some popcorn and create a cinema experience just at home.

  4. Face painting

    Transform your little ones into beautiful works of art with some face paint. Let them become their favorite animals, superheroes or fairy tale characters. A little face paint and lots of imagination make for endless fun.


  5. Draw your family

    Grab some paper and pencils and let your kids draw their own family. From mom and dad to the pets, it will be an adorable work of art and a great memory to keep.


  6. Read together

    Snuggle together under a blanket and dive into a book. Let your little ones choose which story they want to read and make reading aloud a fun and educational experience for everyone.

  7. Baking or cooking

    Dive into the kitchen together and for a tasty adventure for the whole family. Crack some goodies: bake cookies together, make a pizza or experiment with homemade smoothies. It will not only be a fun activity, but also a delicious treat afterwards.


  8. Play games

    Play fun indoor games like hide-and-seek, twister, or a game of memory. Get your little ones moving and laughing while you enjoy these playful activities together.

  9. Make a fort out of pillows and blankets

    Transform the living room into a cozy fortress. Use pillows, blankets and maybe even some furniture to create a cozy and adventurous space where your little ones can hide, play and fantasize.

How do you play Indoor Bingo?

Download our Indoor Bingo card now and print it out to give to anyone who wants to participate. Each time you complete an activity, put a check mark on the card. This bingo card is specially designed to increase fun in games. Children can play with it in a variety of fun ways and at different times. Indoor Bingo is perfect for drizzly days or during the vacations.

Make it an exciting game for your little explorers. The one who completes a row, column or diagonal after the vacation earns a reward. Consider a small gift or a fun activity with mom and/or dad, such as a cozy sleepover in the living room.

Dus waar wacht je nog op? Haal die bingokaarten tevoorschijn, verzamel je kleintjes en maak je klaar voor een dag vol plezier en avontuur, zelfs als het buiten regent. Met Indoor Bingo wordt elke regenachtige dag binnen een feestje. Veel plezier en geniet van deze kostbare momenten samen.

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