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07 Mar 2024

DIY: Create a kite with Koko Noko

It's time again for a new adventure, today we are going to craft a kite! An afternoon outdoors, enjoying the wind and (hopefully) the sun. Sniff the fresh air and explore the world together. Making your own kite may seem difficult, but it's actually a super simple project. Only a few materials are needed, and you probably already have most of it at home. Are you ready? We'll take you step by step.

Crafting a kite: what do you need?

An old sheet (or sturdy paper)
Some branches or bamboo sticks
Paint and brushes (optional, for decoration)

And of course, don't forget to dress your little one(s) in the cutest Koko Noko outfit, because adventures are always more fun in style!

How do you make your own kite?

Step 1: Building the dream kite

Start looking for those perfect branches in the garden or park. Don't be put off by their sinuous shapes - that just makes the kite unique! Tie them together into a cross ende base for your kite is ready!

Step 2: Kite art with a twist

Now it's time to use the sheet as the material for the kite. Place the cross of branches on the sheet and cut out the sheet in the shape of the kite, with some extra space all around for the edges.

Step 3: Glue, decorate, and laugh

Glue the sheet securely to the frame and let your creativity run wild. Decorate your kite with paint, stickers, or other decorative materials. It can't get crazy enough, because the kite should stand out in the sky, of course.

Step 4: Launch madness

Make a sturdy loop at the bottom of your kite and tie the string to it. It's almost time to launch the kite, can you already feel the excitement bubbling up?

Step 5: Let that kite fly

Make sure you have enough space. Hold tightly to the rope as your kite slowly floats up, dancing on the wind. Feel the adrenaline as your kite soars higher and higher, like a true champion of the sky!

You've done it, Koko Noko kite champions! It's time to celebrate your victory with some fresh air and good company. Need more crafts? Then read our other blogs for fun DIY tips and activities.

Have fun crafting!

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