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21 Mar 2024

Easter breakfast with the whole family - inspiration & tips

Easter is upon us again, the perfect time to enjoy an unforgettable Easter breakfast with the family. Let's take a look at what's on our shopping list for this festive morning meal.

Delicious croissants, eggs and an Easter toast are not to be missed, and fresh fruit is also an absolute must. Think juicy strawberries, crunchy grapes and exotic mangoes to fill the table with color and freshness.

Making fresh orange juice together

Of course, fresh orange juice should not be missing from an Easter breakfast, and it is extra delicious to make it yourself. The whole house fills with the smell of freshly squeezed juice, and by involving your little ones in making the fresh juice, it's also super fun to do.

Step 1: Wash the oranges thoroughly and cut them in half.

Step 2: Give each child one half of an orange and squeeze away.

Step 3: Have them use their muscles as they press the orange firmly against the press and let the juice pour out. A spectacle of splashes and smiling faces!

Step 4: Collect the fresh juice in a decanter and together admire the result of your hard work. Cheers to your joint efforts!

Now that the table can be filled with a colorful assortment of treats, it's time to put the finishing touches together. Let the children entertain themselves by placing plates, napkins and the croissants on the table. 

Make your own Easter egg cups

We're making Easter breakfast even more fun, because we've come up with another fun DIY activity to make the atmosphere even more festive: making your own Easter egg cups!

Download the Koko Noko Easter egg cups here and let your little one color them already before Easter or during Easter breakfast. Then help them cut them out and glue them together and the egg cups are ready! 

Their bellies are full and the last crumbs have been cleared away, then of course it's time for the highlight of the morning: the Easter egg hunt! Hide the eggs throughout the house and/or garden and your little one(s) will enthusiastically search for these colorful treats. A perfect end to a morning full of fun and sociability.

On such a festive morning the little ones should of course look their best, shop a festive Koko Noko outfit and let the Easter party begin!

(Happy Easter from the whole Koko Noko team!

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