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14 Dec 2023

Birthday Invitation Craft Ideas

Children often look forward to it for weeks; having a birthday! Of course this needs to be celebrated in a big way. Besides getting presents, there is of course one other big highlight of a birthday, the children's party. A magical moment in every child's life, fantasies come to life, friendships are forged and memories are made for life. Therefore, there is quite a lot of pressure on organizing a children's party. And of course there is only one good way to start this great day: with a spectacular invitation. Could you still use some help? Don't panic, after this blog you will have plenty of inspiration.

Craft the best invitations

Nothing more fun than homemade invitations right? Involve your child in the preparation and get to work together. Before you start, it is useful to get some inspiration, via Pinterest for example. Does the children's party have a particular theme or activity? Extra fun to use the theme or activity as inspiration. We have already listed some ideas for you:

  1. Craft a pair of binoculars!
    Are the kids going on a scavenger hunt? As an invitation, make a pair of binoculars that they can use during the scavenger hunt. You can make binoculars out of rolls of toilet paper and hang a card with all the information for the party on the string. A super original invitation in no time.

    Read here how to make binoculars.

  2. Ice Cream Invitations

    Is your child's birthday in the summer? Then make ice cream invitations! Pick out the paper colors together with your child and get to work. Result: a fun afternoon and super cute invitations.

    Read here how to make ice cream invitations

  3. Pirate Invitations

    Is the theme pirates, or are you going on a treasure hunt with the kids? Make the invitation in the shape of a treasure map.

    Step 1: Crumple white paper
    Step 2: Tear the edges so the sides are no longer straight
    Step 3: Soak the paper in coffee or tea, and let dry well
    Step 4: Draw the treasure map and write all the information for the party on it
    Step 5: Roll up the paper and tie a string around it

  4. Animal invitations

    Does the children's party have an animal theme? Or don't have a specific theme but are just looking for a super cute invitation? Then craft cute animal invitations with balloons.

    See here how to make animal cards step by step.

What information do you put on children's party invitations?

The invitations are crafted and the birthday boy or girl is happy. Now it's just a matter of putting all the necessary information on the cards as well. We have listed all the important points!

  • Name of the birthday boy or girl
  • How old your child will be
  • Date of the party with start and end time
  • Address and phone number
  • Clothes not to be forgotten (e.g. coat for an outdoor party in winter or swimwear in summer)
  • Will the children receive food? If yes, mention this and ask to pass on any allergies.
  • Will the children be brought home or need to be picked up?
  • Indicate whether or not the invited child can attend.
  • Any gift suggestions

Making the invitations should be totally fine by now. Do you still need some help organizing the party or are you looking for inspiration for fun activities? Then be sure to read this blog with tips for organizing the perfect children's party.


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